Ian Banks started working as a professional artist and illustrator in the mid-eighties and held several posts as artist in residence at local galleries and museums. In the nineties, he began teaching art before making an unplanned sideways step into teaching Film Studies at the universities in Reading and Oxford.

Now he longs to immerse himself in his art once more and find his way back into working within the film industry as a concept and storyboard artist. Prices for works are available upon request and he is open to approaches for commissioned work. Please get in touch via the Contacts tab if you would like to purchase an existing print, or commission a new work.

In keeping with industry requirements Ian works mainly with digital software, particularly Corel Painter, with which, as far as possible, he tries to replicate traditional work flows and techniques. He tries to keep away from people as much as possible as he is a miserable bastard, but in his defence, he knows quite a lot about films and film analysis too. . Commissions are also open to discussion.